CRITICAL MASS #1 – NOW AVAILABLE (Limited Quantities)!

This anthology from the Giant Robot Head crew is NOW AVAILABLE. You can order your copy on this site from the Store page. “What’s this anthology about?” you may ask. Well, here’s a quote shamelessly ripped from the Giant Robot Head site:

Giant Robot Head is making waves with the upcoming CRITICAL MASS #1! The series is a group of stories and ideas that we as artists at Giant Robot Head would love to draw– and read as fans of the medium! Thrill to all-ages sci-fi, adventure-packed fantasy, superheroes with an edge or with a retro spin– no matter what you prefer, CRITICAL MASS has it!

Carter Kain: Rocket Ranger
by Jeremy Dale and Nate Lovett

by Jeremy Dale

Allison Chains
by Dash Martin, Chris Barnes, Jeremy Dale

Major Meteor
by Jamie Snell

and comic strips and pinups by Chris Barnes, Bob Dahlstrom, Loston Wallace, and Morgan Welborn.